The Analytical Framework (#bcm215)

When it comes to my digital artifact, there are some areas or elements of analysis that I will be using for the aspect of content creation for the digital artifact.

As a part of my analytical framework, paratextual analysis is one of the key areas of analysis I will be using, where I create videos on old games that may have a few mods in order to have a more modern experience. Modders are able to change or reconfigure the paratext of a game through using their own interpretation of representation of a game through creating mods, if it be simple overhaul mods, content add-ons.

According to Raessens, the act of reconfiguring a game can be classified as being active in the participatory culture, where its a bottom-up heterogeneous form of participatory culture (Raessens 2005).

I will be linking this form of analysis to archaeology of the game media that I am creating content on, in order to showcase game mechanics, functions, environments and much more, while at the same time linking my own experience and discussing what I found to be interesting. I am able to use my own personal experience of game texts as a way to create walk-through videos and other types of content such as a video essay on the game as a whole.

A review video essay on Fallout 1 created by Black Yoshi

Fallout 2 for example, is one of the earlier games in the franchise dating back to 1998, where it has many features that are no longer in the more modern Fallout games, such as the turn-based isometric perspective that made the game feel almost like a table-top game, topping it off with a text box that describes actions, things that your character inspects and observes, or if you hit/miss an enemy in combat, or a possible mixture of both.

Nerox on Twitter documenting their experience with the turn-based old Fallout combat system

With the use of my own experience I will also be looking to use textual analysis in order to give my own interpretation of the game media that I will be interacting with through the creation of video content for my digital artifact. The textual analysis of Fallout 2 for example would be encompassing the plot, quests, functions and game mods which I will be using to create how-to style walk-through videos and a video essay to discuss my experience and how I interpret the game as a whole.

It is regarded that games are considered to be a “playable text” (Carr 2009) in a way where the user can experience the text through interaction, thus creating a textual analysis of how the user can discuss their experience and interpretation of a playable text.


Carr, D., 2009. Textual Analysis, Digital Games, Zombies. [ebook] London: London Knowledge Lab Institute of Education. Available at: <; [Accessed 16 September 2022].

Raessens, J., 2005. Computer Games as a Participatory Media Culture. [ebook] Cambridge: MIA: MIT Press, p.383. Available at: <; [Accessed 16 September 2022].

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