Why League of Legends is not a good game (#bcm215)

When I was first introduced to the game, I was hooked. The gameplay was great and felt satisfying, with a wide range of different champions to choose from and different roles to fulfill in a team. But as I kept playing, there were certain factors that really made the experience go from fun to avoiding the game completely.

League of Legends had been made when the MOBA (multi-layer online battle arena) genre had really started to take off, being released in 2009. The MOBA genre had mostly originated from Starcraft, where players would create a three-laned map which you would have to use in order to get to the enemy base, which at the time was a very unique game mode idea and later on had developed into a proper game genre. With a game mode that brings a lot of competitiveness, comes a lot of toxicity.

image courtesy of win.gg

One of the things that absolutely ruined my experience when playing this game is the toxicity. Never have I seen a player base or community so toxic before, until I stumbled upon League of Legends. And even though Riot Games may be trying to tackle this long-going issue of toxicity within League of Legends and its other games such as Valorant, albeit through rather questionable use of your microphone, you are still going to encounter a lot of players that will give you flack just because you died in a team fight that you cannot win. And even though the amount of toxicity that is experienced is slightly dropping as each year goes by according to the chart above, 65% of players experiencing toxic behavior is still a staggering figure.

When I played the game, I would see teammates literally going out of their way to make other fellow teammates and I have a really bad experience in some games – I’ve seen multiple people AFK the rest of the game just because a few teammates died in the early game, other situations would include the toxic player intentionally getting themselves killed as a way to forcefully lose the game for the team and to end the game faster.

video by Pants are Dragon2

Not only does the game have a very toxic user base, but the game is also very addictive. I used to have a group of friends where for a while, perhaps even to this day, only play this game. They always said they hate the game and uninstall it, only to reinstall it again a few days later. While I played with friends for some time, I would notice their behavior would be rather toxic and a bit on the aggressive side, even sometimes micro-managing what you are doing, which for me at the time, I absolutely could not stand, even though at that time I would laugh and shrug it off. The game really ruins friendships, one screw-up and you’ll notice there will be a yelling match within seconds.

Popular streamer Tyler1 has been playing League of Legends for many years, and there are moments where you would notice how he is noticeably addicted to it, such as his tweet when he was unbanned from the game. Not only is he really addicted to the game, but also heavily dislikes the game’s developer Riot Games.

clip uploaded by Catastrophies

Even though the game and its developer makes him really upset, he still plays the game to this day, with the same sort of toxic and aggressive behavior.

For me, not only did the heavy dislike of the game grow on me, but also the dev company Riot Games. The toxicity in their games (not just League of Legends) has been an issue, and even though they would try and “fix” this issue, its gotten to the point where its greatly difficult for them to keep the user base in check. When their new game Valorant had been released, its entirely right in saying that a lot of the League of Legends fan-base went to play Valorant, basically creating another toxic environment, although in a different genre of game – the toxicity of the community is pretty much attached to Riot Games. Even in Valorant which I only tried for a small while, had a lot of toxic players.

So what exactly is my definition of a bad game? To me, a bad game is a game that lacks a good community, with a developer that had never thought about toxic behavior being an issue in their game when it was released and only taking action a long time after its release. League of Legends is a bad game, such a bad game, I would very much rather play the day 1 release of Fallout 76 for the rest of my life, sure there might’ve been a lot of bugs on release and no NPCs until a large update much later on, but atleast I can find the hidden gem of fun in a buggy game, rather than being trapped in a community which is a toxic pit called League of Legends.

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