Digital Artifact Contextual Report – Cybernetic Future (#bcm325)

My digital artifact was based on the aspects of cybernetic implants, prosthetics and other similar technologies. Some of the weekly lectures and topics were able to inspire me to do a topic like this, as I have always been curious about such technology and wanted to search into it more.

Some of the aspects that I wanted to consider when it came to cybernetic technology was its pros and cons and how it can make an impact, both negatively and positively in the future, as further technological breakthroughs and developments are being made as each year goes by. The key lecture topics that I found to fit my digital artifact were week 5 (cybernetic and cyberpunk) and week 9 (cyborgs), with each of these topics having a relevant film to the topic that we would view each week, such as Alita Battle Angel (2019) in week 9 and The Matrix (1999) in week 5.

When it especially came to Alita Battle Angel, it really had outlined a few things about cybernetic technology, if it were to be internal or external. Alita herself is a prime example of how cybernetics can build a person back up. However we also get to see certain antagonists with similar technology who prove to be very lethal. This film became one of the inspirations when it came to the content that I will be producing and link to how the future will be with cybernetic technology, if it be short-term or long-term. From what I have observed and seen in journalism and research is how bionics can really help those who may have been disadvantaged both mentally and or physically, where bionic limbs or prosthetics can most definitely help in a physical sense. However, bionic technology can also enhance the conditioning of a human, where a person can increase their strength, endurance and many other things. Through some of my work involved in my DA, I outlined how this technology can be used for a military purpose and perhaps can become a global threat.

I found this information was very much relevant to the week 9 topic lecture, where discussions of certain technologies, not just bionic and cyborg, but also software and other forms of hardware are extensions of the human self, whether its physical, psychological, social or an intellectual extension.

It is also stated in the topic of the week 5 lecture to do with cyber culture and the genre of cyberpunk. There is indeed an element of dystopia when it comes to these newly advanced technologies which are outlined in many works of cyberpunk fiction and certain ways as to how these technologies can create a market for those interested or want to get to know new technologies, with large powerful corporations backing the push of this new technology.

Many forms of information and and fiction had inspired me to search and to create some content based around this new technology and focus on its dystopic and utopic aspects.


Christopher Moore. 2020. BCM325 Future Cultures: Cyberculture Series (3 of 4) – Cyberpunk. BCM325 Lecture Series. [Online Video]

Christopher Moore. 2020. BCM325 Future Cultures: Cyberculture Series (2 of 4) – Cyborg. BCM325 Lecture Series. [Online Video]

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